Collagen is the main component found in the skin and it makes up to 80% of its dry mass. Age, pollution, UV, hormones and diet affect the skin on a daily basis and break the dermal collagen. Broken collagen results in loss of the skin elasticity and suppleness and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PRO·COLLAGENIUM® is a concentrated (10.000 mg) ocean-sourced liquid collagen supplement which is an oral solution, and improves the appearance of the skin by acting in a systemic manner unlike creams and serums which act locally. Also, as a food supplement in liquid form, this allows excellent absorption and can be more readily distributed to the body which can be up to 20 times more effective compared to a typical collagen tablet.


The box of PRO·COLLAGENIUM® is composed of 14 vials of 25 ml and is clinically proven to
slow down the aging process in the deep layers of the skin with significant improvement of its texture after 3 months only. Its formula has been specially created to give skin back its bounce, with a nourishing dose of marine collagen extract and vitamin C. Furthermore, the product has a passion fruit taste and there is no need to mix it with water or juice.


It also has a certificate from the Islamic and Cultural Centre certifying that the fish-extracted hydrolyzed collagen used in PRO·COLLAGENIUM® is halal.

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