Babington soap co.

Babington Soap Co. ‘A Unique Luxury Plant-Based Hand Sanitiser’.

A very British brand, Babington Soap Co started out during the pandemic and out of a need to fill a gap in the market for a Hand Sanitiser that cared for your hands first as well as protect. Dermatologically Tested, Vegan, and 99.9% Plant Based and kills 99.9% of Germs. 

What’s the difference? The key difference is the use of a wholly plant Based & Pharmaceutical grade moisturiser called Chitosan. Almost all other products whether a cheap or premium product contain an aloe vera and/or glycerine as their moisturiser our preferred choice, albeit more expensive works by ensuring your skin cells work as nature intended and that moisturiser is Chitosan.

In a short space of time, they have already secured a Pure Beauty Award Finalist Badge and have great plans for the future development of their brand.