Scents evoke memory in a way the other senses can’t. Our sense of smell starts to develop in the womb. As we grow up those associations continue to form and develop a scrapbook of fragrance memories. A LO candle is based on that scrapbook. A feeling, a time, the sense of a scent that paints a picture to occupy the corner of one’s mind.


Each of our candles tell a story based on memories, unique stories you can read in its case, but only know in their burning.

Little legacies to occupy those corners of your mind. All natural, all recyclable, each with a soul and a quirk, that is the integrity of the LO story.

Our oils are distilled to a greater concentration than standard forming a liquid resin.
This is then mixed with our candle wax producing a highly fragrant candle.

Our Handwash contains natural pumice stone, not plastic exfoliating granules.

There are no surfactants or colouring.

Our Handcream is made with aloe Vera and sea buckthorn. Unlike other brands, no palm oil is used.

Our Room Sprays contain no artificial colouring, and no fragrance boosting chemicals.

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